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District Nine(teen Dollars): Another friend’s design has landed at Threadless

OK, I made a big deal when a person I hardly know got her shirt design in the Threadless gauntlet. But was I there when my friend and colleague C.J. Gammon did the same? I was not.

I refuse to leave a man behind, though. Mr. Gammon has done it again, and dare I say: This shirt may be the most singularly awesome in the history of Internet cotton goods. Hey, Threadless IT guys! Be prepared for a complete server shutdown after the bulk of humanity throngs through your virtual front door for a shot at this shirt. Not just because:

Oh, pfew! The aliens are here and they are nice.… but because:

Oh, crap! No they're not! No they're not!You had me at “Glow,” C.J.

Everyone must now go to Threadless and give him big ups. Vote 5 on the happy-faced aliens!


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T-Shirtopia: Clothes-wearers of the world, unite behind Threadless!

An artist I know has a design up for judging at Threadless, and since the design in question is THIS:

Buildings? Yummo!

… I think it’s pretty clear I need to post it here, and all who view it must go and give it a “5” rating over at Threadless. I mean, come on! Li’l Godzilla is baking skyscraper cookies! Vote for it, rate it high, and maybe we can get this thing of beauty a coveted spot in the Threadless inventory.

The artist is Katie Cook, and while I don’t exactly know her personally, she did this nifty sketch for my daughter at the Chicago Wizard World comics convention in 2007, and who doesn’t love Baby Leia? It’s hanging proudly in my girl’s room.

Where'd she get that Chewie Beanie Baby? Aw, Leia, you're too cute.

I had been following Ms. Cook’s work for a while — not all stalker-y, but as an avid comics fan with a graphic novel project ramping up at my employer. Somehow, this piece of art crossed my path:

THACO: to hit Armor Class 0 ... yes, I nerded that one hard.

Click it if you want extra nerdage, but yes, that’s the Incredible Hulk and the Thing playing Dungeons & Dragons circa 1980. With their kitties. I thought this was a pretty rad image, so I made a mental note. When it came time to start the “Edgar & Ellen” graphic novel project at Star Farm, I hunted down Katie at the convention, and later nearly conned her into doing some illustrating for us. But her part of the project got slated for the second volume … and then the company bit the dust. As did all the fun projects.

The best I can do for her now? Pimp her illos at Threadless.

And while I’m doling out the kudos, let me take a moment to admire the juggernaut that is Threadless. The fact that aspiring artists can get their designs into the swankiest forum for hipnorati is a real testament to the power of the Internet Age. Threadless attracts brilliant creative minds who aren’t just making “I’m with stupid” shirts, they’re making art. Sometimes staggeringly beautiful art, sometimes ridiculously funny art.

Some of my favorites (and their all-important titles, which are printed inside at the collar):

He's grinning! That scampi scamp.

"The Loch Ness Imposter"

"The Morning After"

"The Morning After"

"The War Against Work"

"The War Against Work"

It’s such an active community at Threadless that even having a design posted for review can expose an artist to thousands of people, let alone turn the design into a lucrative, all-cotton annuity. If I had had my wits about me earlier, I would have used the bully pulpit of this blog to promote another artist friend’s design when he got his design on the Threadless gauntlet.

Crazy talented Chris Gammon, who I worked with on a certain talking train property, made me shoot the milk out of my nose when I saw his entry:

The one that kills me is the kid sitting on the hood of his car, pointing out stars to his lady.

Had I been thinking, I would have sent my corner of the blogosphere running to this dark comedy of a T-shirt while the polls were still open. Note the unusual layout around the waist, and the way the punchline comes first. It doesn’t get riotously funny until you take the time to circle the T-shirt wearer and savor the individual panels. When you do … stand back for bleating laughter!


Katie Cook’s Godzilla shirt reminds me of one more favorite shirt (not from Threadless), and as long as this seems to be the “funny t-shirts I have seen” post, I’ll add this. I’ve seen it at several conventions and keep promising myself I’ll buy it someday:

Well who doesn't?

Oh, smashy, burninating ‘Zilla. Some day, your cottony wit will be mine.


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