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Rejection Week: Life outside the group

In 2009, I saw an ad for a Groupon editor. At the time, working at Groupon seemed like a risky prospect; I had already worked at start-ups and been laid off by every one of ’em. Still, it seemed like a rare opportunity, and I applied.

But I didn’t just send in my resume and cover letter. That’s the kind of prosaic, back-water tactic championed by the remnants of Generation X. (As I later learned, it is probably also the tactic that still works).

Nevertheless, I decided to tackle this thing by going full-on Millenial. Show them that I knew how to roll in this new anything-goes economy. So I submitted a sort of post-modern cover letter. I did a screen grab of a Groupon ad, and made myself the product.

Considering that I never heard back from this – not even an appreciative, “Very amusing, but no thanks” – I’m wondering if I should have positioned myself as a product worth more than $40.

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