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New Favorite Word alert: ‘gahonking’

The webbed menace gahonks, right before our very eyes. (photo by Jacob Cohl)

Stand aside, woozy. There’s a new awesome word in town and it’s big. So big, it threatens to take down ginormous. And monstremendous. And other words of bigatude with questionable pedigree.

I speak of gahonking, which debuted today on the digital pages of NPR, in this post by culture blogger Trey Graham:

There’s been a fuss, and inevitably a counter-fuss, about the early previews of the much-delayed, notoriously troubled, gahonkingly expensive Spider-Man musical that’s readying itself for a January opening on Broadway.

Tremendous. And thank you, NPR, for not staffing the kind of humorless nit-pickers who would edit away such a word on the grounds it doesn’t exist. It does exist, obviously, because there it is. And I understood its meaning at once. Language is a living beast, and no one is fit to tame it. Except the French. (God bless ’em, but that Academie Francaise is, I’m afraid, founded on the notion of humorless nit-pickery. Their language may be pure, but their sense of whimsy is not. Long live English and her crazy ways!)

Literate readership, you know what to do. Propagate this adjective and its adverbial cousin until the cultural landscape teems with it, so that it may become a permanent part of our lingual ecosystem. Together we can make it happen!


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