Who is J. Drew Scott?

I’m a writer and editor with an eclectic background writing for corporations, catalogs, Web communites and — most importantly — children. Though I once believed my journalism training was going to lead me to a lifetime of police reporting and city hall scandal coverage, my primrose path has dallied into other fields, to my amazement and cheer. In recent years, I have co-authored some of the most-beloved* middle-grade chapter books of all time.

* Survey sample may consist only of close personal relations.


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For the shorthand version of all of the above, here’s a visual guide through some recent career highlights.

• The Edgar & Ellen book series: Conceived by Rick & Will Carton, but written by “Charles Ogden,” a nom de plume for a team of writers. I served as an Ogden from 2003-2008 as co-writer for books 3 through 6 of the original series (I’m particularly fond of the treasure hunt riddles I wrote for book 6, Nod’s Limbs)…

Edgar & Ellen, books 3-6

…and as project lead and co-writer for books 7, 8 and 9, known as “series 2” or The Nodyssey

Edgar & Ellen, series 2: "The Nodyssey"

… as well as lead editor and co-writer for the spin-off book Edgar & Ellen: Mischief Manual; lead editor and script contributor on the comic collection Edgar & Ellen: Graphic Novelty; and contributing writer to the wicked rhyming of Hair ‘Em Scare ‘Em: A Pop-Up Misadventure.

Graphic Novelty, Mischief Manual, Pop-Up book

• The Edgar & Ellen animated series on Nicktoons: Writer on such Emmy®- overlooked episodes as “Bob’s Limbs” and “The Game’s Afootie” (with Matthew Jent).

So much mayhem, one screen cannot contain it all.

"Take the toil out of tomatoes..." Advertising gold, baby!• Unforgettable retail experiences through the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. Even if you don’t recognize this venerable old catalog of gadgetry and amenities for the hoi-polloi, most people seem to know “SkyMall,” the in-flight catalog smorgasbord. I worked there for a little over a year, but have freelanced many times in the years since. Want to know my most successful product? The Upside-Down Tomato Garden. I wrote this copy block back in 2003, and it survived unscathed until just recently. Well, nothing lasts forever.

Why the J.?

If you know me, you know that “J.” is not my first name, nor do I go by “J.” If you call me “J. Drew” out loud, I will laugh. That initial is a concoction, plucked from my middle name and replanted like a tulip bulb in foreign soil before my first name.

Why? I am but a single drop in the global bucket of Drew Scotts, Andrew Scotts and Andy Scotts, and am seeking one small way to be unique in the digital age. Seriously, versions of me are everywhere; just ask Wikipedia. I’m a bishop, a jurist, a glam rocker, and even a legendary Australian bushranger. Need underwear? Buy my brand.

Maybe that’s the real answer: The J. is a brand. My brand. Which makes more sense than underwear.