Rejection Week: Life outside the group

In 2009, I saw an ad for a Groupon editor. At the time, working at Groupon seemed like a risky prospect; I had already worked at start-ups and been laid off by every one of ’em. Still, it seemed like a rare opportunity, and I applied.

But I didn’t just send in my resume and cover letter. That’s the kind of prosaic, back-water tactic championed by the remnants of Generation X. (As I later learned, it is probably also the tactic that still works).

Nevertheless, I decided to tackle this thing by going full-on Millenial. Show them that I knew how to roll in this new anything-goes economy. So I submitted a sort of post-modern cover letter. I did a screen grab of a Groupon ad, and made myself the product.

Considering that I never heard back from this – not even an appreciative, “Very amusing, but no thanks” – I’m wondering if I should have positioned myself as a product worth more than $40.

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5 responses to “Rejection Week: Life outside the group

  1. That’s awesome. Very creative. I can’t believe you haven’t heard back from Groupon. Are they waiting for 49 other friends to hire you for the deal to kick in?

  2. Cynthia

    That’s really clever, Drew. They’re stupid for not following up with you.

  3. Sean

    Brilliant, really. Makes Groupon look a bit like losers for responding with *crickets*. One can only hope they are still in dysfunctional “startup mode” and HR is hopelessly buried under reqs and submissions. Maybe when they get their ship in order, they’ll see the mistake they’ve made. Until then, I really think you’re on to something. Once more unto the breach, dear Drew, once more!

    • jdrewscott

      “…Or close the wall up with our rejected resumes.
      In gainful employment there’s nothing so becomes a man
      As modest stillness and humility:
      But when the blast of unemployment blows in our ears,
      Then imitate the action of the Marketing Department.”

      Thanks, Sean. I’m summoning up the blood and pressing on!

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