What’s better than free comics? …GOOD free comics

Like all loyal Retort readers, I loaded my arms full at Free Comic Book Day on May 1. It takes time to savor that much content, but I persevered … and survived to declare one true winner. This thing:

A supernatural Western featuring some kind of cursed six-shooter? You had me at hello. You also had me at, “hangin’ tree full of oracular corpses”…

… “crank-handled machine gun monks” …

… and “undead undertaker posse.”

Read this issue FOR FREE online, it in its entirety. It’s mystic, it’s dusty, and it’s got as many shady layers of good, bad and in-between as an “Unforgiven” film school discussion.

There were other comics available on May 1, some for kiddies, some for adults, some as jumping on points for other series, some as out-of-context windows into other stories that may or may not draw new readers in. But if you picked up a copy of this, you got as iron-clad an argument to return to your comic store as any I can imagine.

Yeehaw, undead cowboys!

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