Sound the claxon! ANOTHER Nautilus movie room surfaces

OK, OK … breeeeeathe, Drew.

Back in August I got all giggly and giddy when I found a home movie theater designed to look like Nemo’s Nautilus. I know! I feel the same way!

Yarr, I know there be a squid attacking the hull, but there still be 20 minutes left in "Marley & Me."

If you thought that was the catfish’s meow, then prepare to submerge, because today I found another one! Oh, come on! Check it:

Yes, I might watch lots of fish on this thing, too.

I think it's pretty generous to invite five others into this sanctuary.

I'll bet the speakers really are steam powered!

The designer is a model-building artist named David Goldberg, who says in his bio that in 1976 he saw Star Wars and “had what he calls ‘a religious experience.'” Boy, did he ever answer the call. That’s his Emmy in the first picture for his model work on “Earth 2.” Which was a great damn show — but not near as great as this room, I gotta say. Ooh, look, here’s one of his replica props from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea:

Take that, Dr. Grordbort!

All this jibber-jabber about the Nautilus comes at a funny time, since I’m working on a post about Nemo, his fellow fictional adventurers, and two little old ladies in Kentucky who have a real beef with them. Stay tuned.

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