Consider my Titans Clashed

Oh my. I’ve already gotten giddy about the Clash of the Titans remake, so I’m not sad at all to place my peepers on the first trailer.

What have you done with your hair? I *love* it.

Not only does this trailer include iconic scenes from the original like a tiptoe through Medusa’s tulips, and battles with giant (I mean giant) scorpions, but it’s been updated with the full Zack Snyder treatment: slow-mo leaping, gritty action set pieces, and a blistering heavy metal soundtrack.

Some people will cry blasphemy that Titans will be poured into the mold left behind by 300. I for one have no earthly problem with that at all. When I need charming stop-motion, the original will be there to comfort me. But for now: Bring on the digital swords, sandals, and Slayer solos.

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