Three-word review of the 2009 TV premiere of ‘V’

Vaudeville in vain.


Captions don't count: "V" has everything a boy could want, including smooth CG, slick visual designs and nerd-worthy actors such as Elizabeth Mitchell and Alan Tudyk. But heavy-handed plotting and weak dialog kept me at a distance the entire time. Man, this story was *rushed* -- humans were taking tours of alien ships inside the first 15 minutes --so the plot-first pacing left no room for subtlety or surprise or intrigue. Every emotion, every action is sitting right there on the surface to be consumed in order, not to be teased out or hinted at. Helping the spoonfuls go down are lines of dialog so thick with exposition they rolled my eyes off the screen and back into my head. I'll watch these first four episodes, but the needle on my thrill-o-meter is hovering no higher than "hayride."

Nerds, let us not forget the wonders of 1983. Back then, this was the pinnacle of rad:



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3 responses to “Three-word review of the 2009 TV premiere of ‘V’

  1. Anneke

    I wondered how the new V was going to be. I’ve seen a lot of advertisizing for it. Sounds like I’m not misssing much. I haven’t watched a tv show (other than cartoons with the kids) in at least 6 months. Nothing is making me rush back to it.

    I do recall the first V being terribly exciting at the time. Maybe not worthy of remake though…..

    • jdrewscott

      Could you, would you, rush back to your TV for the upcoming last season of Lost? Or is Lost lost upon you? (No judgments made either way; it’s not to everyone’s taste.) (It is, nonetheless, my one true drug.)

  2. Anneke

    I never watchd Lost…. From what I gathered it was a bit like X Files once that show went off the rails. By that I mean, trying to pretend that there was a coherent story that was going to tie everything together when doing so was really impossible.

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