Coraline gets the boot (or rather, the shoe)

OK, this is too good, so I’m bringing it up from the comments section. Regular Retort-poster Brian left this great comment on my recent post about the Coraline web experience:

Great movie. And fun website!

Back when the movie came out, I was searching the website to try to find the give-away of the Nike Coraline shoes they made. Although the give-away is over (and I didn’t win) you can still see what those shoes look like.

Someone at Nike had fun with the Coraline wardrobe, stitching style when designing them. If you want to see them look here:

In the website, make your way up to Coraline’s bedroom. On the bottom of the shelf is an unmarked orange shoe box.

Click on that and it opens up the contest page. Click on the left side of that window and you can see the cool shoes they designed.

To try to win them you had to enter a secret code. The secret code was listed at the end of the theatrical credits. If you stayed to the bitter end of the credits, eventually you saw this come up:

For those in the know:

My son and I saw this in the theater, with no idea what it meant. At the time we saw the movie, we didn’t know there was a secret code or even a contest. But it stuck in my mind so much that a few days later, when I discovered the contest, the words JERK WAD came back to me, loud and clear.

Still didn’t win the shoes, but I wish I had!

Here’s what Brian wishes he had won. (Frankly, they don’t seem really you, Bri, but I figure you were thinking of your daughter’s fashion needs):

It's also the official shoe of Little Big Planet.

Apparently, Nike crafted another version as a promotion for high-performing stores, this one relying a little bit more heavily on critters than buttons:

Forget gellin' with Dr. Sholl's. Get cotton in your Candies!Now THAT’s more your style, Brian.

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