Paper view: More op-ed craftwork in the Trib

No time to write posts on Father’s Day —bad Daddy, bad! — but I keep forgetting to comment on the return of the Joe Fournier papercraft to the Tribune’s op-ed page.This time, a jab at Hizzoner Richie Daley and his rather unpopular privatization of parking meters:

Is Meterhead a "meathead" joke or a Mötorhead joke?

(Print your own copy here: )

I like this trend (the first iteration being a Roland Burris-Pinocchio riff), first of all because even when unbuilt, the artwork is complicated and beautiful to behold, like a blueprint or a celestial map. Second, as political commentary goes, it’s almost more effective than the venerable old political cartoon. I love political cartoons, but too often their creators go for low-hanging jokes, and that can be tiresome. Tiresome things lose their flavor quickly.

But papercraft as vox populi surprises and delights.


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3 responses to “Paper view: More op-ed craftwork in the Trib

  1. Carol

    Did you like Fournier’s Blago papercraft that was in the Trib?

  2. jdrewscott

    I missed it (but found it at that same link). It’s a great take on the sunken-eyed guv, but I think Daley’s comic pose as a meter is the best yet.

    For a moment, I thought you were referring to a Fournier animation from back in January:,0,7306082.htmlstory

    I’m not sure if the Trib promoted this animation in the paper or not, but it’s another interesting foray of newspapers into atypical new media to attract eyeballs. It’s like SNL meets Medill!

  3. Desert Son

    Hizzoner has privatized the parking meters in Chicago? (Sheesh, leave for two years and everything goes crazy.)

    Why? Seems counter-intuitive. Are they contracted out, and if so, multiple contractors?


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