Game on! The nerdy, brainy fun of

I’ve wandered into an addictive site of timed quizzes that flex your recall of trivia and facts you should know. I’ll type up this post right after I finish one more game at Sporcle. Yeah, hang on just a minute …

Aw, whattya mean I can’t name all the lyrics for the Flintstones theme song? (22 of 25 correct)

Courtesy of his feet? The 50s were so weird.States with only one U.S. representative — that’ll be easy. 5 of 7? Aw, come on, Connecticut! I wasted all those valuable seconds typing your name correctly — where were you?

Booyah! 7 of 7 on the original Justice League members. Don’t come around here with that junk, Aquaman!

Oh, Sporcle you temptress. Your ever-ticking timer and eclectic, user-generated trivia contests pit me against my brain. (How could I forget Chico as one of the four Marx Brothers? Mickey Dolenz — d’oh! Bah, I never would have recalled that “Go ahead, make my day,” came from “Sudden Impact.” Seriously, when a line from your movie is more memorable than your movie, you’ve got a problem.)

Anyway, if you think you can bring the pain — and can top my fearsome 56 of 63 on the Simpsons Characters quiz — visit Sporcle and leave it all on the field.

It's a pretty cheap shot to slip Cletus's girlfriend in there; but Crazy Cat Lady, YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM ME.


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3 responses to “Game on! The nerdy, brainy fun of

  1. Carol

    Great. Now I’ll never get anything done. Thanks a lot!

  2. jdrewscott

    But you ARE getting something done. You’re learning that the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are two TOTALLY different countries.

  3. Carol

    Sadly, I just got all the American Girls and their friends right in under a minute.

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