I (heart) Lifehacker.com

I keep Lifehacker in my Google Reader feed  for a thousand cool and eclectic reasons. If you’re going to pour so much of your humanity down the ol’ electronic drain, it seems that your laptop should return a little life-affirming love.

Lifehacker is like Heloise’s Hints for the digitial age. It’s tagline, “Tips & Downloads For Getting Things Done,” is cute but isn’t as accurate as “Secrets That Make You Feel Like An Insider, And Which Sometimes Involve Technology But Which Cover Plenty of Low-Tech Stuff, Too.”

Lifehacker includes some typically techie tips, like efficient file sharing, Photoshop tricks, neat & free Web applications — but since it truly is about “hacking” your life, anything that’s a bright idea for smarter, cheaper, more efficient living is fair game. Thus we get intriguing posts about the marketing tactics of supermarket endcaps, the psychology of yard sales, and decluttering your shelves with customized etched jars.

And then I encountered this eye-opening post about a Brazillian electrician’s trick using water bottles for light bulbs. O brave new world that has such people in’t! I won’t be boring holes in my roof — yet — but it is heartening to know that innovations in alternative energy haven’t petered out yet.

For more ideas on smarter living, try the more techie Make Use Of. It’s far more verbose, and it updates so frequently, I often have to empty my Google Reader feed of it just to stay current … but there’s no denying that it’s a great big bag of acorns for a blind sow like me.

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